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Veronique Read

Director Applications

Uniquely dedicated and focused on Team IQ vs EQ.  Holistically driven and determined to succeed.  Who needs to think outside the box when you can redefine the box and automate the view to be spectacular! Systems keep me sane so join the technological train!

Tel: 072 855 2429
E-mail: veronique.ready@sysotech.co.za

Clara Terblans

Director: Operations

I am a leader, an action taker, who always has the end game in sight. Focused and driven, I am sure to overcome any obstacle in my way. My passion speaks for itself. Have a problem? No problem, I am on it!

Tel: 072 038 0856
E-mail: clara.terblans@sysotech.co.za

Nikita Hoenderdos

Training and Marketing Support Lead

I am passionate about people and transferring knowledge to others. Nothing lifts my spirits like watching someone excel after training. I thrive in an era of technology and digital platforms, Nikita is my name but social media is my game!

Tel: 078 045 3715
E-mail: nikita.hoenderdos@sysotech.co.za

Hannes Coetzer

Project and Support Lead

I am a diligent and focused team player, who is passionate about deadlines and organization. I enjoy a challenge and thrive on being engaged and captivated at the tasks at hand. If you want things to happen within a deadline, I’m your guy!

Tel: 073 045 1602
E-mail: hannes.coetzer@sysotech.co.za